Thursday, October 13, 2011

Misuse of gas, electricity and water

Misuse of gas;
                        Natural gas is one of the valuable natural resources of our country. It is very essential for our national progress. Gas now plays a vital role in our economy. Gas is in great demand. It is used not only in cooking in the houses but also in production in mills and factories. Mills and factories will be no more working if the supply of gas is interrupted. Our oil and coal resources are very scarce. So we have to depend largely on gas. Many power plants are now running with the supply of gas. Moreover, many buses, trucks, cars and auto rickshaws are run by compressed natural gas now. It is very economical to run the vehicles by gas.

But many people misuse this natural wealth knowingly or unknowingly. They are not wise in their activities. They are unwilling to waste a match stick and so they keep their gas burning all times. Some house wife’s keep the gas burner burning for the whole day and night to dry their wet clothes. So we must be careful and economical in using gas.

                   Electricity is the most essential thing for the development of a country. It is a fact that electricity is the index of development of a nation. A country which generates a huge amount of power and consumes a large amount that is considered developed country. But there is a constant deficiency in generation of electricity. We have to go on with deficiency or power generation more than two thousand megawatt. The electric generation plants can not supply the required amount of power and they can not meet up the growing demand of the people. As a result, Continuous load shedding occurs.

This huge amount of system loss in electric supply is caused due to mismanagement and inefficiency of the persons concerned with electric supply.
This can not be accepted in a condition where there is a considerable amount of deficiency in our power generation.      

Misuse of water;

                          Like other natural resources water is also one of our resources. But this valuable resource is misused in many ways. In towns and cities. In different corners of the roads and lanes of city. We find water down continuously from the road side taps and tube wells.

Many house wives use water more than their need inn the kitchens during cooking and they do it unconsciously and unwisely.

So we must be more conscious and judicious in use of our water supply in urban areas. Water is really essential for our existence and we must ensure proper use of water. Misuse of water must be avoided at any cost.

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